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About the CBE Method

CBE is Unlike Any Other Approach to Personal Development

The goal of CBE is to find and transform the root cause of your mental, emotional and physiological blockages that are beyond your conscious awareness and control. A variety of personal development techniques that Elly developed and perfected over the years are used to permanently change your limiting core beliefs.

The CBE approach is custom-designed to you and your needs. We work with you in longer blocks of time (typically 5-8 hours per session) to give your mind the time it needs to achieve real, solid change. Together we explore the underlying belief structures that have shaped your patterns of thought, emotion and behavior. Once the belief systems are brought into conscious awareness, we go beyond these into the core of your psyche to find the energy, motivation and power to change the outdated belief system and replace it with functional, practical and life sustaining beliefs that support your desired changes.

The CBE Approach Provides Lasting Results Making it Cost-Effective

Our approach not only leads to lasting change, but it also speeds healing and increases conscious awareness and ability to make decisions. It is not uncommon for CBE clients to experience profound results in as a few as one or two sessions – though most clients average four to six sessions across a longer period of time. For many CBE clients, resolutions of problems and symptoms can be so complete that they often forget they ever had the problems they came in with!

Through CBE, I have gained control over my life. I now have a tool with which I can deal with any problem I encounter, without exception, and transform it into something that allows me to flourish. I feel like I am literally creating my own life. I need only to pay attention to the frustration in question and decide to understand it better and I can transform it in such a way that I never have to encounter it again....

—Patrick Fry

CBE Uses a Holistic, Safe and Gentle Approach

CBE is a holistic method of personal development in that its benefits are experienced intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Often when you experience a shift in beliefs in one area of yourself, you automatically experience shifts in other areas as well. The experience, while profound, is also safe, gentle and supportive.

Changing the Mind, Healing the Body - Book CoverChanging the Mind, Healing the Body

Eight Case Studies in Transformational Belief Change Work

An inside view of the dynamics within a Core Belief Engineering counselling session by the founder of CBE.
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