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Whatever problems you may be experiencing, Core Belief Engineering Counselling could be the tool that will transform your lifeā€”once and for all!

Why not give us a call and find out? We offer a free, 15-minute phone consultation where we can assess your situation and determine how we might be able to help you through this unique and powerful method of counselling.

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Hi Elly (& assistant!)

Although I can't say I am able or ready to help others yet, I just wanted to bounce back my many many thanks for Elly taking the time to speak with me 3 weeks ago.

Elly gave me at least 40 minutes or more of her time, during which I was able to open up and articulate my feelings to her that I really needed to vocalise and process. It took me by surprise how easy and wonderful she was to talk to, and more than anything I just felt so grateful for her to have helped me take the small steps towards counselling or coaching or simply - progress.

I was definitely stuck, and still am in some areas. But what all transpired in the 48 hours that followed our consultation session, I never would have guessed. Indeed, I was able to talk to my boyfriend and articulate for us both that we needed to "take a break", which I never would have expected was going to happen that soon as he was not being clear about what he wanted. But it turned out to be exactly what he wanted, and I had to help him articulate it and indeed to help us both to move forward.

Then within 24 hours I unexpectedly got offered a job on a silver platter, one which is directly tied to my passions and pursuits... and it answered several of my other fears or concerns... seriously beneficial, wierd and synchronistic and overall very lucky.

Elly helped me to voice my true fears and concerns, and I realized I do have a lot of deeper issues that I would like to perhaps take more time with her for... However, in general I also have so much to be grateful and thankful for, and many skills and gifts at the ready, so I just need the confidence and perspective to keep those at the forefront, especially amidst transition. Elly helped me to reclaim that by letting me move through the fears and concerns.

I hope to support you more fully (financially) in the future, and have already begun to recommend you to other people. I really appreciate your care and efforts and am so amazed how much changed both directly & indirectly after speaking with you. My life certainly did open up, and I know I did the right thing by reaching out and talking to you!

Christina, Vancouver, BC

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