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The founder of CBE, Elly Roselle, spent years in various therapies trying to find a solution for her anorexia and bulimia without success:

I suffered a lot in my early life with anorexia and daily episodes of bulimia and my inner struggle with self-loathing and chronic unhappiness seemed endless. I desperately sought help and after trying many methods of personal development across several years was close to giving up hope. A few professionals told me to accept that my condition was incurable and suggested drugs. This led me to realize that if there was going to be a solution, I would have to find it on my own. I researched and experimented with numerous approaches until one day I discovered a way to create a profound shift at the core of my being whereby for the first time in my life I believed that I was worthy of love. The anorexia and bulimic behaviours dropped away within a week of this breakthrough and have been a thing of the past ever since.

Through her personal experience and experimentation with volunteers, Elly came to develop and evolve her own method for re-engineering destructive, deep-rooted core beliefs that cause unhappiness as well as a variety of psychological and physical problems. She came to realize that beliefs (whether conscious or unconscious) are inherent in every aspect of our lives and are responsible for our failures as well as our successes. Most importantly, Elly learned that you can change your core beliefs so that they support you in creating a fulfilling and successful life.

Elly helped me to discover that I was trapped, not by the circumstances of my life, but by a set of deeply hidden beliefs that romantically relieved me of taking responsibility for my life. Core Belief Engineering helped me to make profound internal changes in my belief structure that quickly became as familiar and natural to me as the old ones had been....

—Victoria (Tori) Purviancee

CBE is a profound personal growth tool that has been tested and proven time and time again for over twenty years.

Changing the Mind, Healing the Body - Book CoverChanging the Mind, Healing the Body

Eight Case Studies in Transformational Belief Change Work

An inside view of the dynamics within a Core Belief Engineering counselling session by the founder of CBE.
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