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College of Core Belief Engineering, a division of Core Belief Engineering Ltd.

This Privacy Policy applies to the College of Core Belief Engineering, its licensee in Québec, Richard Thibodeau of Institut Unescorps Inc., all students, clients, Intern Practitioners, Associate Practitioners, Certified Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Evaluators, Instructors and staff. Our Basic and Practitioner Intensive students are bound by the conditions set out in the Student Enrollment Contract that they sign at the beginning of each course. 

The College of Core Belief Engineering collects students’ personal information for the following reasons:

  • To maintain student records as required by PCTIA.
  • To ensure the safety and well being of students attending courses
  • To keep students/graduates informed of activities of the school.
  • To issue T2202As in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency

Students’ personal information is not used for any other purpose.

For all courses:

The College of Core Belief Engineering retains the full student file.

The following security measures will be followed to ensure that the student’s, client’s, Intern Practitioner’s, Associate Practitioner’s, Certified Practitioner’s, Master Practitioner’s, Evaluator’s, Instructor’s and staff member’s personal information is appropriately protected:   

  • All staff members sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
  • All databases have a firewall and need a restricted password to access stored information.
  • Backups are compressed and stored on an external hard drive.
  • Filing cabinets containing personal information are locked.
  • Access to personal information is restricted as appropriate.
  • All entrances to the facility are locked and checked after business hours.

The College of Core Belief Engineering uploads a copy of the students’ contract, transcripts and credentials (if any) to an approved third-party vendor.  These records are retained for a period of fifty-five (55) years by the third-party vendor.

Procedure for authorizing release of information:

  • If a student wishes to authorize a third party to access information in his/her student file, he/she must do so in writing.
  • The school will not release information to any person other than people authorized by the student to access information unless required to do so by legislation, a subpoena, court order or if release of information is necessary as part of an ongoing police investigation


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