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Changing the Mind, Healing the Body
Eight case studies in transformational belief-change therapy

Changing the Mind, Healing the Body - By Elly Roselle


Elly Roselle’s long-awaited case studies are now available…

By Elly Roselle
Foreword by Gabor Maté

240 pages softcover
ISBN 0-9738175-0-X

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ELLY ROSELLE begins with the premise that every physical symptom has a mental / emotional component. As these case studies demonstrate, working with this non-physical component of disease has profound healing effects at the physical level.

These remarkable documents show Roselle working with the mind to heal the body. Using her innovative psychotherapy, Core Belief Engineering, she takes on people with a wide range of physical ailments: bulimia, cancer, allergies, hypothyroidism, HIV, vaginismus, ME, sugar addiction.

According to Roselle, the subconscious mind is a constellation of parts — as in “part of me wants one thing but another part wants something else.” Each part holds its own unique beliefs about self, others and the world. Conflicting beliefs and those that oppose consciously held desires and goals create confusion and stress. Roselle works to resolve such differences and build an essential collaboration between subconscious parts and the conscious mind. Ingeniously, she addresses parts directly and allows them to speak for themselves, thus sidestepping the need for psychological labeling and interpretation.

A therapist of impressive talent, Roselle delves into hidden pockets of personal reality, soothes and dissipates inner turmoil, and unifies scattered pieces of the psyche or soul. The healing that results makes us think again about the nature and origins of our physical symptoms. Roselle’s unique contribution is a practical methodology for healing that reaches into psychophysical realms.

Roselle accepts and works with the mind / body unity and in this she is on solid scientific ground. This unity is no longer to be doubted by anyone familiar with the new science of psychoneuroimmunology and with the many thousands of research papers published in the past several decades showing the interactions of the immune centers, the brain, the nervous system and the hormonal apparatus....

[Roselle’s] insights — or more correctly, the insights she helps people gain about themselves — are both startling and inspiring. The outcomes for patients include increased physical well being and psychological
peace. ...

— Gabor Maté, MD, Author of When the Body Says No

ELLY ROSELLE has devoted her career to exploring the dynamics of change in the human psyche. Her unique methodology, Core Belief Engineering, was sparked by the cure of her own anorexia and bulimia in 1982, and has evolved through two decades of independent study and work with clients. Originally from Colorado, Roselle is now based in White Rock, British Columbia where she lectures, teaches and maintains her private practice. Read more about the founder of Core Belief Engineering.


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Core Belief Engineering fits naturally with my own idea of the subconscious as a cast of characters, each with its own special values and tasks to perform, waiting to be integrated into the home of the inner self....

— Susan Swan, Novelist


What distinguishes Roselle ’s approach from so many other therapies is that it can work with whatever is presented. It is designed to map directly onto the client’s inner experience. Anything can come into play and be integrated into the process....

— Diane Scally, Psychotherapist


I was very impressed by the therapist ’s consistent and credible theoretical approach to therapy. When one hears of how physical illness may be “cured” by psychological approaches one tends to express skepticism. In this case one is fully aware that the therapist is cognizant of the limitations imposed on her by the nature of the illness. She never sets out to effect “cure” but in the cases illustrated she had obvious success in amelioration of symptoms and improvement of the quality of life of her clients, some of whom came to her with advanced physical disability....

— Stephen Nugent, Psychiatrist


As in cognitive, behavioural, gestalt and even Freudian therapies, Roselle works with metaphors. “Complexes” and “parts” have no actual anatomical loci in the brain. The language she uses, however, connects with the way we think and does indeed effect change. This book will be essential to therapists who wish to understand the basic principles of Core Belief Engineering, which should be considered a most valuable method of psychotherapy....

— Robert H. Bein, Psychiatrist