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A Leading Edge Method of Personal Development That Can Transform Your Life Through The Elimination of Outdated Core Beliefs

Put Your Problems Where They Belong… In The Past

Are you:

  • Feeling stuck and unable to move forward with your life?
  • Feeling unworthy or incapable of love or success?
  • Unhappy in your current relationship but feel helpless to change it?
  • Fed up with your seeming inability to have a lasting, loving relationship?
  • Struggling with problems of under or over eating?
  • Frustrated about your lack of financial success?
  • Feeling frequently angry and unable to control or manage outbursts?
  • Having difficulty making decisions about your career or other aspects of your life?
  • Unable to resolve painful emotions due to past traumatic experiences?
  • Unable to find relief for chronic pain or health problems?
  • Feeling sad, low and unmotivated?
  • Suffering from feelings of anxiousness, irrational fears or panic attacks?
  • Longing to find greater meaning and purpose in your life?

If you are struggling with any of the above problems you may feel helpless and hopeless. If you have tried other means of personal development or counselling and haven’t experienced the relief you have wanted, it can even be more discouraging. You may have even decided that this is the way your life is and it will never be any different.

Changing the Mind, Healing the Body - Book CoverChanging the Mind, Healing the Body

Eight Case Studies in Transformational Belief Change Work

An inside view of the dynamics within a Core Belief Engineering counselling session by the founder of CBE.
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However, no matter what your problems are or what solutions you have sought in the past, there is always hope…

You can go beyond any difficulty and experience a rich, fulfilling life. You can have financial success, fulfilling relationships, a rewarding career and peace of mind. You just have to find a counselling method that gets results. At Core Belief Engineering (CBE), we never give up hope… we will work with you until you get the results you want.

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