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Core Belief Engineering fits naturally with my own idea of the unconscious as a cast of characters, each with their own special values and tasks to perform, waiting to be integrated into the home of the inner self.

Susan Swan, novelist

While Roselle makes every attempt to pass her knowledge on to others, through her workshops and seminars, she cannot pass on her innate talent and insight. However, the methodology that she has developed (Core Belief Engineering) is so effective that it has amazing results even when it is not done perfectly, as by Elly herself.

Susan Harrison, writer and editor

Core Belief Engineering is truly an outstanding, highly effective process for changing how you view the world, and more specifically, the blocks and patterns in your life. After working with Elly thirteen years ago, I experienced miraculous changes in the direction of my life because the issues that would have held me back were not longer there. My limiting beliefs were literally transformed into healthier and more productive ones. I have made positive changes in my health, completed a graduate degree, and now do the work I love. I am living the life of my dreams, and it just gets better every day. I can only say that you owe it to yourself to do this important work. It is only your beliefs that stop you from achieving what you want. It is that simple.

Deborah Fortney, MA, San Francisco.

Elly taught me to live gracefully in my time. When I first met Elly I was convinced that I was a victim of my emotions and my circumstances. Moods came and went like the ocean tides and I felt trapped by a life that had seemed to just happen. I felt convinced that wisdom lay in accepting what was in many ways deeply unsatisfying to me. Elly helped me to discover that I was trapped, not by circumstances, but by a set of deeply hidden beliefs that romantically relieved me of taking responsibility for my life. This gave me the luxury to feel that I was a victim of forces over which I had no control.

Core Belief Engineering helped me to make profound changes in my belief structure. Although the process is extremely gentle, there were times when I felt as though my whole world was disintegrating. Elly never, never left me like that. She worked with me until she was sure I felt stable again. Real change never seems to come without some pain.

I wish there were a way of releasing some sort of internal tape recording so that you could really understand how much I owe Elly. Words will never be enough. Studying and working in counseling and psychology, I have yet to discover another teacher who has inspired and changed me like Elly. She has rare ability and insight with people, as well as the love to share her knowledge with others. My life is busy and full. I’m studying for a Master’s degree, working as a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, and married to the man of my dreams. I have the life that I chose for myself.

It has been an intoxicating journey to walk with this new dimension of freedom. I no longer say, "I can’t," but I freely say, "I won’t." I say, "I don’t want to – there are other things that I would rather do." I live out my own ethical question which is, "What is motivating me in this present minute; is it love – or is it fear?" I no longer live out the question imposed by others, which was, "What ought I to do?"

My future will be graceful while I remain open to all forms of novelty and as much change as I allow. I am full of hope. Grace is the courage to be at home in the moving resonance of the present. Thanks Elly.

Victoria (Tori) Purviance

If anyone has any specific questions about CBE, feel free to email me at

In the Rosellean approach, the therapist's job is to facilitate an interface between the client's consciousness and unconscious mind. In that in-between state, clients can access the history, genesis and teleology of their "symptoms."

Memory, emotion, private logic, fantasy, sensory modalities, beliefs, parents, tricksters, decisions, energies, insight, distraction, blanking out, an inner child, rigid defenses, rationalization, body sensations, the superego. Anything can come into play and be integrated into the process.

What I think distinguishes it from so many other therapies is that it can work with whatever is presented without judgment. The client doesn't have to fit the therapy, and nothing is pre-ordained. The therapy is designed to map directly onto the client's inner experience and allow the client to uncover their own release.

Diane Scally, BA, Psychotherapist

I am pleased to have this opportunity to offer feedback on the impact Core Beliefs Engineering (CBE) has had on my life, both personal and professional. In some ways, this testimonial might sound like all the good things I have or enjoy in life (or about my life) were the result of work done through CBE. In many cases, this is actually true. In other cases, CBE has served as an enhancer, making good things better.

Some of the positive results on a personal level:

  • I am closer to my fiancé Nathalie (dealt with jealousy, fear of intimacy and commitment, fear of loss of love, fear of regret);
  • it has made me happier in my own body (dealt with negative body image, sexuality);
  • it improved my relationships with my family - parents and four brothers - (eliminated significant conflict with my father and guilt and conflict with my mother, dealt with inferiority feelings with relation to my brothers)
  • it improved my self-confidence and how I deal with people on a social level - (dealt with feeling of competition for space/resources, dealt with feeling of not being respected, dealt with deep fear of being judged, ridiculed for my life choices and rejected);

Overall, it helped me gain a deep sense of purpose and grounding. Through CBE, I have gained control over my own life.

On a professional level CBE has helped me:

  • have more harmonious relationships with management (dealing with aggressive anti-authority feelings)
  • feel generally happier and more fulfilled by my work (taking responsibility for my own happiness at work, taking more pride in my occupation and in learning and accomplishing things)
  • be more of a resource for colleagues who are having difficulties (with less stress and frustration, I am more available to others)
  • feel financially secure (this was a HUGE step for me given that I grew up in a financially insecure environment and learned to hate and fear money – I feel so much more stable with respect to my finances)
  • recognize my talents and skills and be happy to use them (dealt with feelings of incompetence, fear of competition and talented people)
  • recognize, acknowledge, and encourage the talents of those people around me (not feeling in competition, I can encourage those around me more freely)
  • deal more effectively with unhappy people (CBE has helped me be more in tune with people)

While these may give you a sense of how I have grown through CBE, specific examples hardly do justice to the full extent of CBE's impact on my life. I now have a tool with which I can deal with any problem I encounter, without exception. I have a tool and method that works 100 per cent of the time and with which I can get to the root of any challenge, fear or limitation I face and transform it into something that allows me to flourish. I have become much more deeply acquainted with my own inner workings, have learned more patience and understanding (for myself and others), and a greater interest in and passion for life. I feel like I can serve my friends and family when they need me. I feel like I am literally creating my own life as I transform my limitations and fears, one-by-one, into unlimited energy to shape however I wish. I have noticed that my wellness has a way of rubbing off on people around me. This is not to say that I don't have frustrations, conflict or challenges in life. But these seem to be much less frequent, much less severe and much more finite. I need only to pay attention to the frustration in question and decide to understand it better and I can transform it in such a way that I never have to encounter it again. With CBE as a tool, there are no permanent limitations.

This should give you a sense of the role CBE has played for me (and why I am so grateful to Elly and Richard). I would be pleased to offer any additional feedback on my experience with this wonderful tool to anyone who is interested.

Patrick Fry, Ottawa, Ontario

I am writing to support the accreditation process of Core Belief Engineering Ltd. I am a social worker, having graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, 1983 with a B.A. in English and a B.S.W. I also completed all the M.S.W. coursework and practicum from Windsor University in Windsor, Ontario (1988-1990) but did not complete my thesis due to starting a family. Although I have not worked full time during all of the past 20 years, I have extensive experience in individual, group and family counseling. I have worked in the areas of physical and sexual abuse, mental illness, and with the physical and mental handicapped.

I found that the training I received from the Core Belief Engineering Basic and Intensive courses far superior to that which I received in the Ontario universities. During my undergraduate and graduate courses, I completed three practicum periods but received almost no direct supervision of my actual work with clients. I was never required to tape any sessions and have them reviewed by a supervisor, nor provide process recordings. I received good marks and my work references had been excellent and above average.

At Core Belief Engineering Ltd. all of my work has received constant and thorough direct supervision up through the Associate Certification process. I have worked with and been supervised by a variety of resource people who were professional and competent and have had numerous opportunities to observe instructors and resource people demonstrate good therapeutic techniques.

Thus, in my experience, the instruction and supervision that I have received through the Core Belief Engineering Ltd. has been of an excellent standing.

Aileen Storoshchuk, BA/BSW

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